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Livin' the Life

Humor has this great way of acting like a band-aid to heal and cover the scraps, burns, and cuts of life's mishaps. It helps us to see the upside and finds the funny bone even in the most difficult situations. There are two kinds of funnies that we all stumble upon and that is: ironic humor and spontaneous humor. The ironic humor in our daily blundering just helps us accept our own imperfections and reminds us that chaos actually has a clockwork system making life tick. Then there is the kind of spontaneous humor that erupts and best of all....makes us laugh! What better feeling exist then to laugh? Well, maybe a friend there to laugh with or to at least give you a hug while your laughter turns into hysterical tears. Like that never happens eh? Tee hee hee:)

This a week that just keeps on giving...OKAY, YOU CAN STOP NOW! I lost my job last Monday night with no prior warning, my carburetor finally gave out Saturday night, and I just found out today that my former owner was so eager to make excuses for her failing business to the mall management that she blamed her financial burden (and inability to pay the rent) on her employees by saying that for the last few months there has been missing receipts and money. I think the funniest part of this is that the only time there was missing money at the cart is when her own daughter was working....humf!

I am trying not to ask the infamous question of
"why?" because you learn that most of the time there really is no answer or maybe you just do not want to face the reasons that lead up to your bad luck. Maybe we should ask "how" instead in order to seek understanding, gain insight on the mysteries of the universe, and finally (and most importantly) learn from your fucking mistakes! THERE! How many times do we hear that? I suppose a better question is how many times do we listen?

I think what has me most ticked for the week is that I am now behind on school and THAT is just not acceptable nor is there any reason to sabotage the very aspects of my life that mean so much to me.

To end this on a brighter note, here is my list of things to do for this week:

1) Find a job. I have two offers that look good and all I need to do now is finalize the paper work.

2) Take the extra time that has been graced upon me and catch up and tie up some loose ends.

3) Spend some time with Alex by taking her on her daily walks around the neighborhood since I am now without a car.

4) What I need most this week and everyday is: Forgiveness, Devotion, Awareness, Focus, and Patience.

What a fool I am for complaining. I am just a small person within a small context of life with small burdens. Never will it compare nor be outweighed by the mass universe of struggles, violence, suffrage, impoverishment, and revolutionary paradigms. There is always a bigger picture to judge and take wonder upon.

I meant to put a little more humor into this entry for that was my opener and not have my writing evolve into a solemn plea for humanity, a weekly affirmation, or a bitch rant of complaining...guess I kinda got off track. Whoops! Ha.....Ha?!?!?

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