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A Friendly Reminder

Okay, this entry is strictly a reminder to myself on what I would like to discuss when I get a chance to think through my thoughts about these issues. But I give them to you now to sit, discuss, and reflect upon (I am such a dork):

I am in the midst of reading a book entitled The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, which examines and hopefully teaches one about the evolution that he claims is taking place within our civilization, and more specifically within ourselves. It is a process in which we, as humans, are taking small steps of growth to become what he considers "multi-sensory beings". One of the topics discussed is Karma and how we should use it practically within our every day lives. Okay, there is your little, here is what I am concerned about or contemplating:

Karma should not be a concept of morale nor judgement but be only used as a tool to balance energy within the Universe. When we caste judgment (whether good or bad) we are only generating more negative karma against ourselves.

My question here is, can we possibly not judge nor take responsibility or control over our environment? Can I look at a helpless being and not feel sympathetic to his/her circumstances and ask "WHY"?

Another thought for today is that I am truly blessed and thank the heavens that my life is somewhat in a manageable chaotic order so that I have the strength to be there for others who may need a little laugh, comfort, or just someone who will listen. That is my pot of gold...
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