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Now I Can Sleep!

I really must stop this compulsive behavior that takes over when I decide to redesign my website. I just get so overwhelmed in the project and try to get everything done in as much time as time allots! I have been going non-stop with this revamp every night for the past week til very early hours in the morning. Furthermore, I really am not sure why at this point I even bother updating the site except for my own amusement and pride. I must admit that I do get quite excited to see how much my work has grown let alone just the principle of accomplishment which makes any ego dance in blissful delight:)

It is really late and I can now lay my head down on my soft pillow and relax off to dreamland where everything is the way it should be and things that are not torment my mind as I contemplate how to solve all or make everything disappear with a wink of an eye.
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