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AH HA! It's the Hormones Oh Dear Watson...

So my "Friend" named "Dot" came to "Visit" disguised as "My Aunt Flo" wearing nothing more then some cotton panties and a bloated tum tum, clotting and prancing around asking anyone if they would like to indulge in a "Bloody Mary" and be awarded some "Red Wings".

This indeed explains the restless nights, hot flashes, and yes, the emotional roller coaster.....WHEEEEEEEEE. I am starting to realize that PMS just gets worse and longer as we age...oi vay! I am picturing that infamous 1930-40's classic feministic picture of the woman flexing her arm muscle very proudly saying, "We Can Do It" or something like that...

Oh Calgon...what ever happened to those delightful commercials anyway?
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