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Seatbelts Can Save Lives

So, got up bright and early to take a run at the park and to do some sun worshiping before I had to go to work this afternoon. The day started with not being able to find my sneakers and had to settle for my ol' pair of K-Swiss which then changed my running to a brisk walk instead.
Right as I am making a left on to Park Blvd, that is when I saw him and immediately knew that there was no way to escape the unavoidable. What was he doing there this early and why was he just sitting catch me darn it! Thank the heavens that I at least had my seatbelt on though that really did not help the situation that was lurking ahead. As I am looking down at my speedometer (like we all do when we know we are guilty) I see his lights go on and I knew I was screwed. And worse yet, I knew with the hair pulled back in a bun, the droopy sleepy eyes of just waking up, and the stained tank-top with cut off ol' sweat pants were not going to be all that charming to get my butt out of this one (hey, you must use your assets I actually admitting this?).
As I parked off the side of the road, I was consumed with smoke pouring out of my hood and a officer looking at my expired inspection sticker and shaking his head in disbelief. OKAY, so not only am I going to get a 123.00 ticket, but now my car decides to overheat. After the paperwork was complete and apologies for doing one's duty were forgiven, I was then offered a ride home. "How sweet", I thought as the embarrassment of on looker's eyes peered down at me and the reality of how in debt I am slapped me silly.
On a good least he was a real cutie with a nice smile :)
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